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Kids Bake! Carrot and Courgette Cupcakes 12

Kids Bake! Vegan Cupcakes!

  Kids Bake! Vegan Cupcakes! Vegan Carrot and Courgette Cupcakes for Alzheimer’s Cupcake Day. Or Any Day! Kids Bake! Vegan Cupcakes! This years Healthy Eating Week 10-14th June coincides with The Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake...

Parents emergency vegan guide 1

Parents Emergency Vegan Kids Guide!

 Emergency Vegan Kids Guide! Welcome to The Parents Emergency Vegan Kids Guide. Popping their head out of the food cupboard your child yells these words ”MUM…DAD… I WANNA BE A VEGAN!!!”  Feelings of helplessness?...