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Hi Welcome!

I’m really happy that your here at Earth Cadets Education!

I’m Jacq the Author of Earth Cadets Education!              Jacq

This blog is a place where families, carers, teachers, afterschoolers, youth leaders,  etc., can find useful resources, ideas and activities to develop  our children’s/students relationship with the earth and have a great time doing so!

This blog is still relatively new and I’m a beginner at blogging, so the website is still being constructed and changed around until I get it to my likeling!

So please bear with me!

There is no need to sign up or provide your email. I decided I did not wish to go down that route.

We all get too many emails! Instead I have created a few FB groups and pages. A few are below.

On my groups and pages you can access even more resources, ideas and activities especially for special awareness days and celebrations.

I spend hours scouring through the internet to find the best free resources that I can use in my own homeschool, so why not share what I find?

A little info about me:

I’m a home educating mum and psychology masters student.

As well as a carer to a family member with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. So life is plenty busy and hectic but I really wanted to begin this new blogging adventure!

I reside in the misty Highlands of Scotland with my kids, 3 dogs and 1 ferret.

I have my professional cookery diploma and just love vegan cookery and baking.

So I will be featuring lots of plant-based yummy foods for you and your kids to enjoy!

For even more plant-based recipes check out the new blog Traditional Plant-based Cooking:

You can join the Earth Cadets Education Facebook group here

If your child loves STEAM activities then why not join my new Home Education Science Fair and STEAM projects Facebook group. For STEAM resources and access some fun and educational challenges:

If you’d like a safe space to show off all your kids homeschool achievements and accomplishments however big or small then check out my new FB group Homeschool Show and Tell!

A virtual equivalent to the conventional schools Show and Tell: 

A few FB pages to browse:

Earth Cadets Education page, this is slightly different from the Earth Cadets Education group and has lots of news and interesting articles:

Traditional Plant-based cooking FB page:

Isle of Skye and Spring Snow

Snowy Spring day spent Sledging

I hope your family will enjoy my resources.  Use them to make a difference on our awesome planet in a way that sparks curiosity, fun and WOW inspired moments! 

Oh and before I forget there is the Earth Cadets Education Art Gallery, where I would love to feature your kids awesome artwork that is related to the themes of Earth Cadet Education!

No names or photos need to be added, and whenever you’d like the art removed that’s fine. You retain all rights to your child’s work.

Send it to:

Author Earth Cadets Education

My son and our 3 dogs exploring the amazing outdoors.

Earth Cadet Education Learning Courses

I will be creating some courses in the near future. The first one will be an Introduction to Psychology  and will be for the age range roughly 10-14 years, but obviously could be for any age. 

I was also thinking about an animal care course, dog training, and an animal behaviour course.

Also would love  to create a plant-based cooking course especially aimed at primary/middle school and secondary/high school ages.

The cost for these courses will be very inexpensive and likely be per lesson.

Something like 0.99p per lesson.

 I wanted to try something different to other courses.

The difference being that you wouldn’t have to pay for an entire course upfront but you could purchase each lesson separately. That way you have more freedom and if your child didn’t enjoy the course then you haven’t put out a large outlay.

I would be offering mentor support and the opportunity for feedback for the assignments. That would be included with the lesson, no extra costs.

The cost of the courses would go towards the renewing of my website fees, security fees and other blog related fees, which do add up!

Please let me know what you think of this idea, as I would really love some feedback. What courses would your child be interested in?

Earth Cadet Education Blog Feedback

The majority of everything on my blog will remain free to access, all the magical missions, occupation take-over challenges, recipes, Animals in the News, etc.

I would love your input on these also.

What challenges and activities does your child enjoy from my blog?

I will use your feedback to create more free resources and if there is anything you would like to see such as a specific occupational takeover challenge then please let me know.


Thank-you so much for stopping by, and I hope you visit again soon!

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Meet the Author of Earth Cadets Education!