Earth Cadets Education News For Kids: Dogs In The News 1st Edition

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Earth Cadets Education News

First Edition. Dogs in the News!

June 2019

Welcome to the first edition of the Earth Cadets Education News!
This issue features everyone’s best friend the faithful dog.
You’ll find out about ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day!’

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Also you’ll discover how a tiny Yorkshire Terrier became a World War 2 hero!
As well as finding out how dogs can save us a lot of exam stress.Discover the best day out for dogs at the DogFest 2019. And
check out the Yorkshire terrier fact file for some surprising facts.
There’s a delicious dog cookie recipe to bake,that my three hounds
can’t eat enough of! Then learn how to construct a gift box for you
dog cookies.Read a cute puppy poem and take the dog quiz
scavenger hunt and learn much more about the awesome dog!

21 st June is Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

The first ‘Bring your Dog to Work Day’ was in 2014.
Dog charities wanted to make life better for dogs in
the UK. Businesses and individuals can donate money
to dog charities to take part in the special dogs day
Dogs up and down the UK will be accompanying their
owners to all sorts of workplaces. Make sure and
look out for dogs off to the office, shops,
restaurants, factories and even newspapers

Check out the Dogs Hall of Fame for cute photos of
dogs at work from previous years here:
If your home educated and have a dog be sure to
include him or her during your learning time. Read
stories to your dog friend, teach some new dog
tricks, bake up some special dog treats and go for a
walk for PE.

If you don’t have a dog friend then why not bake
some dog biscuits to donate to your local shelter?
Or a family member’s or friend’s pooch? Find out
about your local dog home and maybe think up some
fundraising ideas.Encourage friends and family to
donate old blankets, towels, dog toys and drop
these off at the dog home. The dog shelter will be
very grateful!

Smoky The Yorkshire Terrier World War
2 Hero!


When you think of war dogs. What comes to mind?
German shepherd dogs? Maybe labradors or
spaniels? I’m positive that you didn’t think of
Yorkshire Terriers as war heroes!

In the Spring of 1944 Smoky was rescued from a
New Guinea jungle by an American soldier who
discovered her down a fox den! She was tiny at just
7in tall and weighing in at 4lbs. Smoky was enlisted
into the US Air force. Smoky didn’t understand
English or Japanese commands. But she was a fast
learner and quickly learned many tricks in English!


Smoky’s army adventures had begun! Some of
Smokys heroics include dragging a telegraph wire
through a 70 ft pipe that was just 8 in wide and
filled with soil at many places! Smoky had to do a
lot of digging. Above the pipe there was constant
bombing! US soldiers would have had to risk their
lives above ground, digging for many days to place
the communication wire manually.


Once Smoky was fitted with a parachute and leapt
30 feet out of a tree safely to the ground!
Another time Smoky was on a US transport ship
when she alerted a soldier to incoming shells and saved his life. As a result she was nicknamed ‘angel
from a foxhole’!

After the war Smoky began work as a US army
therapy dog and provided comfort and entertainment
to many injured servicemen. Smoky has been
accredited with the accolade of being the first ever
therapy dog! Smoky knew so many tricks that she
appeared in many TV shows.

Smoky was with the US army for 12 years! A
monument to Smoky has been erected in Cleveland,
USA.The monument has Smoky’s favourite nickname
‘Yorkie Doodle Dandy’ and the phrase ‘Dog of all
wars’. Smoky had a remarkable life, full of fun and

Why not get creative and write a diary entry from
Smoky’s perspective! She had plenty of adventures!

5 Yorkshire terrier amazing facts that
might surprise you!

1. Yorkshire Terriers were once named ‘Broken Haired Scotch Terriers! The terriers originated
from Scotland. Weavers brought them to the
woollen mills in Yorkshire during the 1800s.
They were eventually renamed as Yorkshire
Terriers as Yorkshire men claimed they
improved the Yorkshire breed.

2. Many unsuspecting new Yorkshire Terrier
owners are surprised to learn that their Yorkies
hair does not stop growing! If a Yorkie’s hair is not trimmed it can grow up to 2 ft in length!
The texture of the Yorkies hair is human like! I
wonder why more Yorkies are not called
Rapunzel terriers

3. Yorkshire terriers can weigh as little as 2 Ibs
and be as tall as 6 in! Though don’t be fooled
into thinking these dogs are just ‘handbag
accessories’! Yorkie’s are courageous, full of
personality and make excellent watch dogs.
They don’t know how small they are!

4. Yorkshire terriers were bred to hunt rats and
mice that infested the Victorian mills.But also
the Yorkie was a ferocious,fearless hunter that
hunters carried in their pockets.The Yorkie
would chase foxes and badgers through fields
and down their burrows to flush them out.


5. Yorkies can be prone to hypoglycemia if they
don’t eat regularly enough. This means their
blood sugar levels get too low.Yorkies have a low
muscle mass so can find it difficult to store
glucose and maintain a normal blood sugar level.
Stress, coldness, tiredness, changes in feeding
can all bring on low blood sugars in Yorkies.As a
result caring for a Yorkie can be a challenge!

DogFest 2019! A Great day out for all
dogs and their companion owners!

The Dog’s biggest annual Summer Festival is
underway! On the 11th-12th May the first DogFest
of the year was held at Knebworth House,
Hertfordshire. This is a family festival that
celebrates dogs and their companion owners. Visitors
without dogs are also welcome, the only requirement
is that you love dogs!

Your dog can take part in fun challenges such as
hay bail jumping, diving into a pool, obedience tests,
flyball and a paddling pool area just for dogs!
Owners get to sit and watch their dogs paddle from
deck chairs while sipping on refreshments!

If your feeling competitive there’s a fun dog show
where you can show off your dogs waggiest tail, fun
hair do, talents and many other categories.

If you have a puppy you’ll definitely want to take it
to Puppy School at the Puppy Zone area. Here you
can find out great tips and advice on puppy training
and care.And your puppy can have a respite and

Other great activities is to visit the Dogs with Jobs
area where you can meet awesome dogs who devote
their life to humans. From police dogs to pet
detectives to therapy dogs. Talk with the handlers
and find out why these dogs are so amazing.

It’s a great day out! The next Dog Fest is being
held on the 15th and 16th June at Tatton Park,
Cheshire. Also on the 22-23rd June at Ashton
Court, Bristol.

If your feeling stressed, anxious or
sad.Who you gonna call? Dog Stress

Stroking and petting dogs has been found to reduce
stress, anxiety and depression.The feel good
hormone Oxytocin is released when petting a dog.
Oxytocin signals the body to relax. Your stress
hormones get busted!

When your stressed your blood pressure increases.
So owning a dog is a good idea for those with heart
problems. Lower blood pressure and more exercise
from regular dog walking equals better heart health
and overall well being.


Research has found that dog owners are generally
happier than those without a companion pooch.
Getting out and about with your dog increases the
likelihood that you’ll have positive interactions with
others and make new friends. Say goodbye to
loneliness.A dog is a great talking point with others!

Earlier this year, Swansea University began a new
programme of introducing canines to students during
study sessions in order to reduce exam stress.
Greyhound Rescue Wales brought in rescue dogs for
the students to pet, play with and cuddle.
Many students living away from home miss their
family dog, so having therapy dogs to fuss over
helps.The greyhounds benefit as many come from
neglected backgrounds and all the extra fuss helps
them feel safe around humans again.

Other examples of therapy dogs include Queen
Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham which has 8 on call
therapy dogs that visit patients. Patients recovering
from illness can request a bedside visit. Often
patients recover much faster when they are visited
by the therapy dogs.

The Kennel Club Educational Trust provides specially
trained dogs to visit schools so that children can
read stories to them. Studies have shown that
reading aloud to a dog boosts literacy skills, reduces
anxiety around reading, and helps promote positive
behaviour.Also children’s confidence and self-esteem
are vastly improved! Some children find it difficult
to speak aloud in social situations, but having dogs in
the classroom motivates kids to want to talk.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a pup
close by why not get into the habit of reading your
friend a bedtime story? I’m sure any pet would be a
good reading partner, even a goldfish! You could
even read to the birds in the garden or your
favourite plant! Some scientists claim that plants
grow faster if spoken to, so it’s not such a crazy

What do you think? Do you think dogs should be
welcomed in more places where people might feel
more anxious? What about dentist waiting
rooms,airports, exam centres that accept home
educated students, and the doctors waiting rooms?

Think about it. What are the pros and cons of
allowing dogs in public places? Some cons could be
dog allergies and dog phobias. Write up a persuasive
article, with the pros and cons and include your own
personal opinion.
Alternatively have a family debate, with each side
arguing their point for a minute or so. Have fun!

Our Puppies by Evaleen Stein


Access the poem here

The Ultimate ‘Find Out’ Dog Scavenger

Hone your research skills and discover amazing dog
facts as you take on The Ultimate Dog Scavenger
Quiz! Use the internet,books or any knowledge you
or your family and friends might have, to complete
the quiz. Have fun!

1. Find out the world’s largest dog.
2. Find out the world’s smallest dog.
3. Find out the highest jump made by a dog.

4. Find out the heaviest dog breed.
5. Find out which dog has the record for holding
the most tennis balls in its mouth!
6. Find out the dog which has the longest

7. Find out which dog has the longest ears.
8. Find out which dog surfed the largest wave.
9. Find out which dog holds the record for the
fastest 30m scooter dash.

10. Find out which dog holds the record for
recycling the most plastic bottles!
11. Find out the smallest service dog on record.
12. Find out the longest tail on a dog.
13. Find out the dog’s name and breed in the
Wizard of Oz stories and films?

14. Find out which breed of dog Lassie was. Was
Lassie a boy or girl?
15. Find out which breed of dog was TinTin’s
16. Find out which breed of dog starred in Marley
and Me movie?

17. Find out which breed of dogs starred in Snow
dogs movie?
18. Find out 10 jobs that dogs do for humans.
19. Find out when and why the first dogs were

20. Find out three human foods that are poisonous
to dogs.
21. Find out what the oldest dog breed is, in
terms of when it first started appearing in

22. Find out how dogs communicate with other
23. Find out why dogs can be good for your health
and wellbeing?

24. Find out why dogs have wet noses?

25. Find out why dogs eat grass?
26. Find out how strong a dog’s sense of smell is?
27. Find out which dog has 6 toes on each foot!?

28. Find out how many words a dog can learn to
29. Find out what the dogs whiskers are for?
30. Find out about ten famous dogs in history or
ten dogs that famous people own?

A few websites to get you started:


If you have a family dog why not give this fun dog IQ test a go and see how smart she/he is?

Scrummy Dog Cookies Recipe


Any dog will love these cheesy herb delights. If you
don’t own a dog, treat your family or friends pup or
donate them to a dog shelter.


340 g of Plain or wholemeal plain flour/or a mix
60g of grated cheddar cheese
60ml of vegetable oil
2 ½ tsp of mixed dried herbs
60-90 ml of water


Preheat oven to 160 Fan/180 Celsius/350 Fahrenheit/Gas 4.
Combine everything in a bowl. Knead to a dough. Roll out to about
¼ in thick. Use cookie cutters cut into cute shapes. You could also
use an ordinary cutlery knife to carve shapes. I used a 1 in
diameter star cutter and that made 43 cookies.

Bake for 30 minutes or until light golden brown.

Place on wire tray to cool and crisp up. These cookies keep for a
few weeks in a cool,dry container.
Dried herbs and spices which are safe for dogs and provide many
health benefits include:
● Dill
● Thyme
● Turmeric
● Basil
● Mint
● Cinnamon
● Parsley
● Oregano
● Ginger
● Fennel
● Coriander
● Rosemary
● Parsley
● Sage

Always check if a spice or herb is safe for dogs before using. There
are a few that are toxic including: comfrey, pennyroyal, nutmeg,
pepper, and onion powder. Garlic may be safe in small quantities but
it is toxic in large quantities. It’s difficult to know the safe amount so
I tend to avoid it.

Crafty Dog Gift Box

Fashion a cute gift box and fill up with your dog
cookies. These make a great birthday or Christmas
present for any lucky canine. Or make several boxes
of cookies and use them as a fundraiser for a dog

Print out the box template here:
Empty cereal boxes would be ideal. Glue the template
to the opened up flat cereal box. Cut out. Use a ruler
to bend the lines and tape the insides to hold the
cube together. Don’t tape the lid down. If you have
tissue paper use it to line the box. Tin foil lining would
keep cookies fresher for longer.

You could jazz up the outside of the box with your
choice of decorations. Stamps, sketches, cut out
magazine pictures of dogs,tissue paper, etc. Fill up
with homemade dog biscuits. A ribbon or twine tied
around in a bow would look great. Or fashion a paper
or tissue paper flower to stick on the top or insert
under the twine. Your own ideas and imagination is
what makes this a personal, thoughtful gift!


A few silly dog jokes:

‘What kind of dog does Dracula have?’
A Bloodhound!
‘Why was the cat scared of the tree?’
Because of its bark!
‘What happens when it rains cats and dogs?’
You might step in a poodle!

‘What happened when the dog went to the flea circus?’
He stole the show!
‘Why do dogs make terrible dance partners?’
They have two left feet!
What do you get when you cross a dog with a calculator?’
A best friend you can count on!


Why not watch some of these feel good films featuring


Alpha (2018) A film about how the dog became our best friend

Lassie (1994) A film about the strong bond between a boy and his

Benji (1974) A film about how a stray dog helps 2 kidnapped

Homeward Bound (1993) A film about 2 dogs and a cat and their
incredible journey through the wilderness to be reunited with their

Eight Below (2006) A film about a pack of sled huskies survival as
their owners are forced to abandoned them in the Antarctic

Red Dog (2011) A film set in the Australian outback.Red Dog is
searching for his owner but he heals the community along the way.


Because of Winn Dixie (2005) A film about a lonely 10 year old girl
who makes friends with a stray dog after her mother dies.Her new
friendship helps her relationship with her father

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