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creative writing september 2019

Creative Writing Prompts For kids With A Nature-Eco Theme. September 2019!

This post is the second installment for the Nature-Eco Creative Writing for Kids series.

Find August 2019 prompts here

Even though the nature-eco prompts are for specific months they can be used at any point in the year!

ozone layer

Ozone Layer

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Many of the prompts feature special awareness days that occur in September, but the prompts can be used for ideas and inspiration at any time of the year.
The prompts are creative so don’t worry about being factual or even realistic!
The more outlandish the better for your child’s creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
Nature-Eco Creative Writing Prompts for Kids!


You could use a timer, and set it for maybe 20 minutes, but for kids who don’t like the added pressure just let them go at their own pace.
When my son was younger I would scribe many of his stories for him, this always led to more imaginative ideas, as he found it difficult to keep up with his thoughts when he had to write them all down himself!
My son has always had an amazing vocabulary, but his hand writing has never been too good!
Nature-Eco Creative Writing Prompts for Kids!

Sea otter

You can find a pdf version of the prompts here.

But if you print it out, then you’d need to come back to this post to access the web links. Please check out the links before your child does.  I’ve checked them all, but things change on the internet!
Some of the links are for YouTube, Wikipedia, Awareness Day websites and useful educational resources that can be accessed for free.
Nature-Eco Creative Writing Prompts for Kids!


Nature-Eco Creative Writing Prompts for Kids!


Thirty Days of Nature-Eco Themed Creative Writing Prompts for September 2019

1. Save Japan’s Dolphin Day.

Your a young dolphin swimming to your school, when you see a huge net looming ahead. You narrowly manage to avoid being tangled up in the fishing net.You speedily swim off. You stop for a rest to get some air, but realize your lost! Describe how you find your way home to your dolphin family.

2. World Animal Remembrance Month.

Write a blog post/diary entry from the perspective of a war pigeon who’s just survived its latest messenger mission over enemy lines. It’s message saved the lives of hundreds of troops!
3.Another Look Unlimited Day!

A member of your family likes to hoard plastic straws. They are not convinced about the potential straws have to damage the environment and hurt wildlife.Write a short story (perhaps think of Aesop’s short tales that have a moral ending) that will convince her/him to responsibly dispose of their straws, or to repurpose them into something useful. And to stop hoarding the straws!straws
4.Wildlife Day.

Your an intrepid wildlife explorer, documenting your animal adventures with the world. You come across a clearing amongst the thicket of the rainforest. Animals of all sizes are sat in a circle having a council! Somehow you can understand what they are saying, and you listen sadly to all their woes and tales of extinction. Their voices lull you to sleep, and when you wake up everything is quiet, except for the sound of crickets.Slowly you realize what you have to do to make humans understand that animals are an essential part of the web of life! You spring up and start documenting your discoveries. What do you communicate with the world?
5.Save the Koala Month.

Write a poem about why the Koala bear needs to be saved. koala
6.Barbie Doll Day!

Your a toy designer and you’ve come up with an eco-warrior Barbie/Ken doll! Describe what eco-friendly material she/he’s made with and what eco-adventures the doll goes on.
7.International Vulture Awareness Day.

You find an injured vulture near your home. Your community hates vultures and your family would forbid you to take care of it. But the vulture seems tame and you make friends. What happens next?vulture
8.International Literacy Day.

You start a new job teaching cats to read! It’s your first day and your terrified but excited! What happens next?cats
9.Teddy Bear Day.

You rescued a tame dancing bear from a traveling circus.You’ve been hiding it in your bedroom cupboard for a few days, but your parents are beginning to be suspicious of the growling and scratching noises. What do you do?

You think up a machine that could be used to put out the Amazon rainforest fires efficiently and quickly. Describe your device and how it would work?Be creative and imaginative rather than thinking your design isn’t realistic!fire hose
11.Remember Freedom Day (US).

Your a young chimpanzee living in a city zoo. You
day-dream each day about your previous life free in the congo rainforest, before your home was deforested.
Describe your day dreams of freedom.
12. Video Games Day (US).

You wake up and astonishingly everything around you is pixelated! You realize your in your favourite game 'Eco-Warriors Go! You now have the chance to compete all the eco missions, and levels that were too difficult using just a games controller! What do you do first?
13. Roald Dahl Day.

You’ve probably heard of/ read/watched the film of Dahl’s story ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ If not now is the perfect time to enjoy this awesome story! Write a newspaper report entitled ‘Fantastic Mr Bumble-Rat saved his village from a Tsunami!’ What did fantastic Bumble-Rat do?beerat
14.World First Aid Day

Your a wildlife doctor doctor based in Africa and specialise in minibeasts. One day someone brings in a bug, that needs first aid, which you have never seen before! As you put one of its legs in a splint, you think to yourself that this discovery will change the world. Life on earth will be changed forever! Describe this extra special minibeast!

first aid

Your an alien from a nearby galaxy, and news of the earths nuclear weapons testing has reached your planet. You decide to take it upon yourself to go to earth and stop nuclear testing, before it's too late! Write up your mission and what you will do on earth.nuclear
16.International Day For The Preservation Of The Ozone Layer.

Your a little ball of gas that lives way up in the atmosphere. You and your gassy friends make up the ozone layer; the gas layer that protects the earth from harmful sun rays. Your favourite pastime is to look down on the earth and wonder. Describe what you see and wonder?ozone layer

Compose an acrostic poem using the word ‘POLLUTION’power station
18. World Water Monitoring Day.

Your a microscopic amoeba floating around a river when you come across a bright green substance, there’s a large tin-can nearby, lying on its side, with a skull and crossbone painted on!Suddenly you feel yourself growing huge!You have legs and can breath out of the water! What happens next?ameoba
19.Talk like a Pirate Day.

Surprisingly you meet a scruffy looking parrot perched on a wall. It has a patch over one eye! It starts squawking to you in an odd fashion ‘’Avast ye! Batten down the Hatches!’’ Intrigued you ask the parrot what it means, and you settle down for a pirate talking lesson Describe your lesson with the parrot!parrot

Think up a riddle with a ‘turkey’ or ‘horse’ as the answer!turkeyhorse
21. UN International Day Of Peace.

The trees around the world have had enough of deforestation,
logging and burning of the rainforest! They don’t want the destruction of trees to continue. Neither do they want to start a war. The head tree, the wise Oak comes up with a peace-treaty. Describe the Oak tree's peace terms.
22.World Rhino Day.

When Marco Polo
(1254-1324) the adventurer and writer, first saw a Rhino he thought it was the legendary unicorn! Write a paragraph that could be added to Polo’s book,
describing the unicorn-rhino. rhino
23. National Recycle Week (UK).

Your favorite teddy accidently got tossed into the recycling truck! Describe your teddy's adventures and what it discovers at the recycling centre!
24.International Bluebird of Happiness Day.

Today your brimming with happiness and joy! You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! It's going to be so awesome with the bluebirds and…. Describe the rest!

Create a shape poem poem with a wind turbine as the topic.turbine
26. Johnny Appleseed Day(US).

Your a crisp, granny smith apple hanging out on your parents tree. Suddenly a hand pops up and plucks you off the branch! What happens next?
27.Sea Otter Awareness Week.

You open up a sea otter cafe for the local marine wildlife. Whats on the menu for the sea otters, including their neighbouring species?
sea otter
28.International Rabbit Day.

Your a white rabbit and you’ve just escaped from an animal testing facility.You hop along the roadside. A car slows down and someone gets out. What happens next?
29. World Rivers Day.

Your on a homeschool field trip.Your whole family is canoeing down the river. Your canoe suddenly flips over, and your absolutely astonished to see the fish are doing….. what?! You flip back up right, in disbelief! What did you see?

Invent your own awareness day that celebrates an unusual animal, plant, or an environmental issue. Describe what people could do on that day to celebrate and raise awareness. Bonus points for being comedic!sheep


For more creative ideas, including drawing, journaling, music responses, photography and nature challenges check out this resource journaling

If your child enjoys photography, why not join the Earth Cadets Education Facebook page: ‘Save The Planet’ Photography/Art Challenge and post up their eco-nature inspired photographs and art work, to spread the message of the planets the planet photography/art challenge
The FB page also aims to use photography and art to promote the need to care about what is happening to the planet. There are frequent themed photography challenges posted up for your child to enjoy.
You can also join a new Facebook group dedicated to home schoolers pets:  Home Education Virtual Pet Show! Where you can show of as many photos or artwork of your pets as your child likes! As well as meet other home educators awesome pets.
Think of it as an online pet show/fair/expo/parade!  A place where we can celebrate and appreciate our amazing animal companions.
home education virtual pet show

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  1. A great post and as a former art elementary teacher I think your suggestions are wonderful. Bringing art and nature and writing together is fantastic.

  2. Patrice says:

    This is great! My 7 year old son loves to write, but I think he would enjoy it more if he had a prompt like this. I’ll have to try these!

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