Your Child’s Bucket List of 75 Awesome Summer Adventures!

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Your Child’s Bucket List of 75 Awesome Summer Adventures!

Summer is the perfect time for lots of outdoor learning. It’s also the time when our kids seem to shoot up a few feet! Must be all the fresh air and sunshine.

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I’ve compiled a bucket list full of exciting activities to choose from throughout the long summer months.

Your child will build up a happy bank of memories that will last forever.

And the best part is that they won’t even know their learning! 


1. Visit a  fruit farm near you and pick lots of goodies:
2. Have a plant-based afternoon tea party: Think The Mad Hatters Tea party or go formal and have afternoon tea with the Queen! Get out the best China or invest in an inexpensive china set from a local charity shop. Maybe borrow a set for a few hours. Serve cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off, of course!), scones and jam, little buns and veggie sausage rolls etc. Children will have fun preparing the food and serving up.  Just for fun learn about tea party etiquette here:

3. Learn the ancient art of  Tasseography! In other words tea leaf reading: Learn about the different types of tea:  
4. Conduct a Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony: and

5. Visit a museum once, twice, thrice…Last year we visited London and loved the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and The British Museum. If we stayed closer we might have ended up near permanent residents of the NHM!
6. Create your own Natural history Museum at home. Collect lots of natural objects including sticks, stones, crystals, pinecones, seeds, leaves, grass,mud, feathers, nuts, broken wild bird egg shells and seashells.  Label everything and display for ‘visitors’.
7. Conduct a citizen science project:
8. Have a Home Ed sports day at your local green space. Plan running, long jump, throwing, wheelbarrow race, three legged race, relay, hula hooping, obstacle, and egg n spoon races (use a potato if your vegan!). This can be fun even with two participants. You can race your child!  Award homemade medals.
9. Go on a bike ride and like the Famous Five pack a picnic lunch. Complete with lashings and lashings of ginger beer!

10. Write a letter to your local MP asking for more wildspaces and any other local action you identify:
11. Have a handstand and cartwheel contest at your local park.
12. Climb a tree
13. Splash in the summer rain puddles. This is for everyone parents included!
14. Make mud pies. And search for worms. 
15. Take part in your library’s summer reading challenges. Or challenge yourself to read at least three nature or environmental books a week throughout the summer months.
16. Create masterpieces with chalk and play hopscotch. The old games are the best!

17. Go camping or camp inside. Create dens and turn off the lights and all technology for the night. Read by torchlight and tell each other made-up stories. Make smores either outside if your camping or use your grill at home.
18. Prepare a time capsule:
19. Cultivate a herb garden, bucket or few pots on your windowsill
20. Stay up and admire the sunset. Look out for meteors, bats, the International Space Station and Constellations. If you don’t have a telescope try a stargazing app. These apps are great even if you do have a telescope. For Apple devices: Google devices:


21. Wake up with the birds and view the sunrise. You might have to retire really early during the summer to be able to wake up and see the sunrise!  Check out the times here:
22.  Spend a day exploring your local woods, beach, moor, or countryside
23. Go swimming at your local pool. Alternatively splash in a paddling pool, play in public sprinklers or paddle in the sea.
24. Build a little dam in a woodland stream
25. Play Pooh sticks. Invented by Winnie the Pooh! Throw sticks off a bridge and see whose is the fastest!
26. Make bird food. Recipes:

27. Pack water colour paints/pencils/crayons and spend a morning or afternoon immersed in nature and creativity
28. Visit a zoo, cityfarm, safari park, petshop, or wildlife park. Learn about conservation. Think about the pros and cons of having either farms, domesticated animals as pets, and wild animals in enclosures. Then plan a family debate! Check out these resources about being  compassionate learners:
29. Try Geocaching. This idea is great for the budding Indiana Jones! A chance to search for treasure!
30. Visit a summer garden:
31. Go on a Free Wild Food Forage around your local area. Find out here what’s in season during the summer months:
32. Make lots of homemade jams and preserves with your foraging goodies! These make perfect presents and provide lots of nutrition throughout the winter months.
33. Plant a tree or several!
34. Take part in a campaign:
35. Blow bubbles, visit an aquarium or watch the fish in a pet shop

36. Take a pilgrimage and visit an ancient tree:
37. Complete some of The Woodland Trust nature detective activities:
38. Build and fly a kite:

39. Jump rope in the wild
40. Play tag,badminton,tennis or cricket in your local green space
41. Feed your local hedgehogs. Leave out canned cat or dog food. You can also leave out small dog and cat biscuits. Include a bowl of water. Never leave out milk as it upsets hogs stomachs.
42. Snap lots of outdoor photographs and create a summer adventure scrapbook. Enter the young Photographer Awards:
43. Go on a magical beasts hunt. Look for signs of fairies, fairy rings,trolls, goblins, dragons, and fantastic beasts.
44. Take the junior eco-pharmacist mission:
45. Summer clean your home with the junior eco-domestic technician mission:
46. Go birdwatching:
47. Adopt a good cause and start fundraising:
48. Donate unwanted toys, clothes and shoes to a charity shop. Learn about the charity and what will happen to your items
49. Learn how to create knots:
50. Learn morse code:
51.  Be adventurous and try a new fruit or vegetable
52. Do some food art. Make a picture out of various fruits, veg, seeds, cereals etc. Eat your creation for lunch or breakfast.
53. Make sunshine brewed herbal or flower tea. Use safe flowers such as chamomile. Place in a jam jar. Fill up with water and place the lid on. Leave the tea to brew all day in a sunny spot. Enjoy. Or use the tea for a dolls tea party.
54. Take your teddy bears to the woods for a picnic

55. Create nature dolls. Use sticks/twigs/grass etc and use twine or wool to fashion little doll shapes. Top each one with a buttercup hat. Find out how to make corn husk dolls like the Native Americans:
56. Read ‘The Little Prince’ book for its valuable life lessons
57. Do yoga in the garden or local park
58. Make daisy chains. Check if your family and friends like butter by placing a buttercup flower under their chin and see if it makes a yellow glow on their skin. If it does they like butter! This used to be popular when I was younger. Go on a 4 leaf clover hunt.
59. Chase a rainbow and try find the leprechauns stash of gold!
60. Have your preschooler wash their dolls clothes or their clothes in a basin in the garden. Then peg up to dry. The simple things are so much fun for little ones.
61. Plant sunflower seeds and have a race to see whose will grow the fastest throughout the summer. Also have a child growing race and measure your kids heights each week! Children without siblings can see how much they grow over summer.
62. Blow dandelion seeds and make wishes

63. Collect flowers and leaves to press between some sheets of baking paper and insert them into your largest heaviest book to dry out. Use these in Autumn art activities
64. Recycle plastic bottles of various sizes into flower pots. Cut the bottoms of and decorate. Use to plant seeds and flowers.     
65. Have a junk/recycle challenge. Let the kids loose with a pile of junk and cardboard. Give them 90 minutes to create something new and useful!There imaginations can run wild here.
66. Create a bucket/basin pond. This video shows a sink pond but you could recycle a plastic bucket or washing up bowl:
67. Take part in the RSPB wild activities and earn digital badges throughout the summer:

68. Sit back and relax and have a movie afternoon.Perhaps watch a good nature/animal fantasy film. These are some we plan to re-watch this summer: Spiderwick Chronicles, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, and Bridge to Terabithia

69. Plant potatoes in a tub:
70. Take a 3 day meat-free challenge! Check this out for ideas:
71. Go pond dipping or beach combing, skim stones.
72. Have a food taste test. Chop various foods into cubes. Blindfold a family member or friend and have them guess what their eating. It can be a lot harder to know what your eating when one of your senses is impaired.
73. Make homemade ice lollies with freshly squeezed juice, milk/yogurt or diluting juice. Add pieces of fruit. Fill a recycled yogurt carton with your choice of filling and stick a wooden lolly stick/popsicle in the middle and freeze.
74. Make a sundial:
75. When it’s been hot and dry for too long make a rain stick and go outside and perform a wild rain dance. It’ll probably rain soon afterwards!



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  1. Megan says:

    I love some of these! It’s so important to have kids spend time outdoors exploring, getting dirty, using their hands. I can’t wait until my little girl is a bit older so we can really start exploring.

  2. Alisa says:

    Saving these for myself. We don’t have kids yet but I’d love to try some of these just the two of us 😊 Thanks the ideas!

  3. My daughter loves the outdoors! We call her our little wildlife warrior and this article has given me some fresh inspiration 🙂 Thankyou so much!

  4. Chanel says:

    I have bookmarked this for my summer, as even as a 20 year old these are all the things I love the most! I grew up playing Pooh Sticks 🙂 fantastic ideas thank you so much x

  5. Sarah Winton says:

    This is such a lovely list. I’m going to share it with my sister who has two young kids!

  6. Tamra says:

    These are all great ideas! I’m going to have to try some with my daughter!

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